We have carried out all our experience on fertilizer market and production, professional manufacturing and sales engineers, professional finance and manufacturing personnel which has been built up since 2005 to Vitamin Gubre Tarım A.S.

We continue to serve regional countries’ and Turkish agriculture, our esteemed distributor and farmers with Vitamin Fertilizer

Our service flow goes on flawlessly with our 1500 tons of daily production in Osmaniye OSB NPK Factory and 3000 tons of daily loading capacity in Osmaniye and Erzin warehouses.

We are a significant manufacturer in the fertilizer market with our 400.000 tons of annual NPK production. Our factory mostly offers specifically formulized fertilizer with the sense of environmentalism trough soil and plant analyses, rather than import fertilizer

Our approach to production is; Contributing to the longevity of the soil. We offer chemical, slow release, organomineral, pure and water soluble 31 kinds of Vitamin Fertilizer through our production and import to regional countries’ and Turkish agriculture

Our aim is; to create values for whole humanity and to work non-stop for a better future

“Better than yesterday, hopeful for the future”