VERİM 12-18-12+10 SO3+4CaO +0,5 Zn+15 O.M+7 H.F

It is a rich base fertilizer with 6 elements, Nitrogen, high phosphorus, Potasium, Sulphur, Calcium and Zinc. It gives perfect results in all crop designs especially Potatoes, Sugar beet, Corn, Cotton, Grape yard, Olive, Fruit, Vegetables farming.

It is a special under soil base fertilizer which contains plant nutritional minerals in chemical fertilizers and organic material, Sulphur, free calcium, zinc trace elements, in addition to other benefits for soil and crops like humic fulvic acid.

Organic materials inside contributes to organic material rate which is almost absent in our fields’ soils and longevity of the soil Humic-fulvic acid provides early awake to the seed.